Questions To Ask When Buying Motorcycle Insurance


With the on set of summer comes an increase in the number of motorcycles on the road. Safety is always the top priority when operating a motorcycle. Before you take your ride out of spin, it’s vital to ensure you have the right kind of motorcycle insurance to protect you and your wheels.

Moreover, it’s important that you understand every aspect of your policy and how it affects you and your motorcycle in the event you need to file a claim. Here are top questions that you should ask your insurer or broker when requesting for motorcycle insurance quotes.

WhatKind of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Is Mandatory?

Whether you are purchasing motorcycle, moped, or scooter insurance for the first time or renewing a policy, some types of coverages are mandatory while others are optional. Mandatory insurance coverage varies depending on the province in which you live. Sobe sure to ask which ones you need in your region.

This coverage may include: direct compensation-property damage, a coverage that allows you tom receive compensation directly from your insurance company reducing the red tape. It also consists of uninsured auto, accident benefits, and third-party liability.

WhatOptional Coverage For Motorcycles Is Available?

There are different motorcycle coverages. First, Collison is an optional type that pays for the cost of repairing the insured vehicle if it is damaged in a collision. Second, there is the comprehensive coverage that covers all types of damage that are not collision-related or specifically excluded from your policy.

Comprehensive insurance covers events such as fire, theft, or damage caused to your bike while it’s being transported. Finally, the all perils coverage which is essentially a combination of Collison and comprehensive insurance. It covers for anything that might happen to your bike. There may be some differences in the coverage available so it’s right when you shop around.


In case you feel unanswered, always seek more help from your insurance professionals to ensure you get the appropriate amount of coverage. Above all, make sure you understand everything in your motorcycle insurance.

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