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Many will agree that a house isn’t a home without a rug. And it doesn’t come as a surprise since rugs serve functional and decorative purposes. Whether you want one to warm your feet, offer space to wipe off muddy boots, or tie the living room together, be rest assured you can never regret your decision.

The same goes for businesses that prefer using rugs and mats for their branding and marketing campaigns. After all, custom logo rugs help create a good first impression to prospects and customers alike. Not to mention the fact that logo mats are a low-cost way of adding flare to your facility and increase brand visibility.

Well, buying a logo rug online is often more affordable than finding one in stores, However, the online rug inventory is vast. To help you navigate buying a custom logo rug online, here are a few things worth considering.

Size and Shape

Size is among the key components in buying custom logo mats and rugs. Size is determined by where your mat will lay in the space. As a rule of thumb, bigger is usually better. Larger rugs and mats anchor space and offer visual interest to your business, dining, or living room. Things tend to be different with smaller rugs as they are better used as accents, in minimal spaces like entryways.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to visualize a rug on a website versus seeing it on the entryway of your business premises. That’s why you should always use a measuring tape and painter’s tape to mark off the rug’s footprint on the floor. It is then that you can easily visualize how much floor space the logo rug will take up.

Materials and Style

When shopping for custom logo mats and rugs online, most people tend to focus a lot on the style and color and less on the material. What many fail to realize is that the material is what shapes the style of a rug. It is also the biggest factor in cleaning, maintenance and price. Be sure to buy commercial floor mats made of the highest-quality materials to stand a better chance of reaping maximum benefits.

Rug Pile

Quite similar to thread count for sheets, rug pile is a term many will hear about but only a few can understand. Turns out, the pile of a rug is merely a point of reference for the thickness or density. Low-pile rugs have shorter fibers and loops, making them ideal for high traffic areas. High-pile rugs, on the other hand, have taller and looser fibers and are cozy in living rooms and bedrooms.

Final Thoughts

The above hacks will certainly come in handy the next time you choose to buy custom logo mats and rugs online. To ensure you only buy from the best, why not consider checking out Ultimate Mats, a family-owned business with years of experience that understands mats better than anyone.

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