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You may already be aware of the lithium polymer battery. For those who will need to learn about it, a LiPo battery is a rechargeable battery that, on account of true LiPo, uses solid polymer for the electrolyte and lithium for one of the electrodes. Commercially available, LiPo are hybrids.

There’s no denying that LiPo batteries have not reached commercial reasonableness. The batteries referred to as LiPo in commercial use offer reduced thickness, flexibility, and weight. This blog post will take you through some essential things you should know before using custom lipos batteries.

As of now, you should be aware that heat and cold are the enemies of LiPo batteries. Permitting your round LiPo battery to get hot during use or charging will damage it. And on the other side, cold temperatures tend to decrease the performance of a novel LiPo battery.

Try as much true to form to keep your batteries warm, yet not sweltering, before use in cold weather. Once in the air, the batteries will help keep them a little warm, yet you’ll notice that they will not perform as effectively as you are used to.

LiPo batteries have a limited lifespan. Eventually, after 300 or so charge cycles, you’ll find that most LiPo batteries have lost a lot of performance, and it will be time to retire them. You’ll notice that you get less and less flight time and not as much ‘punch,’ very much like the case at first.

Another indicator of a mini LiPo battery being ready for disposal is ‘puffing.’ Worn-out or abused batteries tend to expand or puff up as components inside the battery become gas. Last yet not least, if your medical battery charger can measure the battery’s internal resistance, keep a close eye on those numbers.

Any sudden leap or one cell having an internal resistance much higher than the others indicates that the battery should be retired. In this case, you should return to the battery factory and get a new high-discharge rate battery. At that time, you can continue reaping the main benefits from your wearable battery. For more information, visit at this page.

Mason Mark
Mason Mark
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