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Why You Should Set Call Center KPIs


Measuring quality and performance at a call center is something call center managers can never risk skimping on. Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are designed to help managers evaluate the performance for each caller, not forgetting the quality of calls and service for the center.

You should take it upon yourself to understand the different call center metrics as they can help determine which KPIs are most important for your company and improve the center’s overall performance.

In this simple guide, we take you through top reasons for set call center KPI. Read on to unearth more!

Analyzing Business Costs

You might not know this, but KPIs are designed to help businesses determine their basic costs and help set clear financial goals for the company. In the event that a call center monitors its phone services costs, then it can easily figure out when it’s time to switch phone plans to reduce overhead costs.

Analyzing business costs is essential for maximizing revenue since it helps identify where the business incurs the most costs. Thanks this vital data, business managers or executives will have an easy time creating financial management plans to reduce costs and maximize revenue.

Help Reduce Call Abandonment

There might come a time when your call center wants to reduce call abandonment to improve customer satisfaction and keep customers engaged with the brand. As a quick reminder, call abandonment occurs during long wait times or no answer from agents. What this simply means is that reducing call abandonment requires that the company measure several KPIs to determine the root cause of abandonment and address it within the shortest time possible.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Among the main reasons a call center might measure its KPIs is to improve overall customer satisfaction. By reducing call abandonment, call queue times, and increasing the number of available agents, the company is in a better position to meet the demands of its customers. This, in turn, improves the company’s reputation and customer engagement.

Remember, different call center metrics can also be leveraged in identifying call blocks and determining employee performance.

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