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Things You Should Know about Mammograms in Singapore


While mammograms don’t forestall breast cancer, they unquestionably save lives by detecting breast cancer as early as could be expected. In reality, finding breast cancers early utilizing mammogram Singapore technology implies that a lot more women being treated for breast cancer can keep their breasts.

In any case, how much do you are familiar mammogram Singapore? Fret not since this simple guide will help ensure you find answers to a portion of your burning questions. Here is everything you want to be familiar with mammography in Singapore.

Two types of mammograms are available in Singapore: 3D mammograms likewise called digital breast tomosynthesis and 2D digital mammograms. Both 2D and 3D mammograms are done similarly and take a similar amount of time. Understanding how each works will absolutely help ensure you choose the ideal one for your situation.

In a nutshell, a 3D mammogram creates a 3D image of each breast utilizing several X-ray images from different angles around the breast. Things tend to be different with a 2D digital mammograms since it creates a 2D image of each breast utilizing two X-ray images of each breast.

Worth mentioning most doctors’ recommend having a 3D mammogram, if possible. One way or the other, you really want to realize that not all health insurance plans cover 3D mammograms. Hence, it’s a good idea to call and inquire as to whether your health plan does.

We can never conclude without mentioning the sheer fact that most screening incorporates two views of each breast taken from different angles. Diagnostic mammograms entail more views than screening mammograms. Regardless of whether you have a lump in just a single breast, pictures will be taken of the two breasts.

Despite the fact that they’re searching for possible cancer, your doctors may likewise run over masses or structures in the breast that deserve further investing. This incorporates calcifications, cysts, and fibroadenomas.

Calcifications are tiny flecks of calcium in the soft tissue of the breast that can sometimes demonstrate the presence of an early breast cancer. Cysts, then again, are fluid-filled masses in the breasts while fibroadenomas are movable, solid, rounded lumps comprised of normal breast cells.

Whether you really need to continue with your routine screening mammograms after breast surgery will rely upon the type of surgery you had and your individual risk. It is essential that you finish your work to better understand what mammogram Singapore entail.

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